1. To reward students studying in schools which joined Project WeCan for their outstanding achievements in Mathematics & Physics and related fields
  2. To encourage students to pursue their education in Mathematics & Physics
  3. To provide subsidies for WeCan schools to join cross-boundary competitions overseas

Award Details




Application Deadline

1 Academic Excellence in HKDSE $3,000 for each student 31 July 2019 (Wed)
2 Cross-boundary Competition a) Championship $50,000 for each individual / team

Application can be submitted
all through the year

(please submit before the third Friday of each month)

b) Participation

Zone A1—$2,000
for each individual or team

Zone B2 $4,000
for each individual or team

#With the maximum of 10 candidates for each team


1—Zone A:Brunei, Cambodia, Mainland China,
Guam, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Saipan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other cities in Southeast Asia;

2—Zone B:Except the cities stated in Zone A, including cities in Europe, The United States, Australia and The United Kindom etc.

Please login the Project WeCan Office 365 Sharing Platform  for more information. (please use Internet Explore to login the platform)