Career Exploration Day

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Career Exploration Day 2018/19
Career Exploration Day 2017/18
Career Exploration Day 2016/17
Career Exploration Day 2015/16






[Star Talk]
“Key to Success” Chit chat Session by Mr Benjamin Hung of Standard Chartered Bank and Mr Thomas Wong of CW CPA
Star Talk by Mr Sunny Lo of Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited
Star talk by Mr Vivek Ashok Mahbubani, Stand Up Comedy Artist
Star talk by Ms Deer Chan of PandaCute and Mr Man Kin Fung of Global E-Sports Limited
Star talk by Mr Det Dik, Singer and of Dance Kingdom
Star talk by Mr Ray Chan of 9GAG Limited
Star talk by Ms Mok Uen Ying, Hong Kong Wushu Athlete
Star talk by Ms Yu Chui Yee, MH, Hong Kong Wheelchair Fencing Athelete







[Industries Sharing]
Aviation- Ground Crew (Social & Conventional)
Aviation- Assistant Mechanic (Realistic)
Aviation- Cook Apprentice (Artistic)
Aviation- Cargo Services Officer (Conventional & Social)
Aviation- Aircraft Dispatch Station Control Officer (Investigative)
Aviation- Equipment Operator (Realistic)
Beauty- Makeup Artist (Artistic)
Construction- Architectural Assistant (Artistic)
Construction- Bar Bender and Fixer (Realistic)
Construction- Building Information Modelling Engineer (Investigative)
I.T- Cloud Engineer (Investigative)
Logistics- Operations Planning (1) (Conventional)
Logistics- Operations Planning (2) (Conventional)
Logistics- Technician of Container Terminals (Realistic)
Disciplinary- Station Officer (Operational) (Enterprising)
Disciplinary- Senior Fireman/Firewoman (Control) (Enterprising)
Disciplinary- Fireman/ Firewoman (Operational/ Marine) (Realistic)
Disciplinary- Ambulance Officer (Realistic)
Disciplinary- Ambulanceman/ Ambulancewoman (Realistic)
Professional Services (Accounting)- Audit, Tax, Advisory (Conventional & Enterprising)
Sports- Racing Trainee (Realistic)



[Live Chat Sharing]
[Chit-chat with World No. 1] Ms Vivian Kong, Current World No. 1 Women’s Epee Fencer
[Chit-chat with Online Media] Mr Jonathan Cheung, Anchor of Whizoo
[Interview Tips] Ms Winni Tse, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Coach Hong Kong
[Career Planning Q&A] Part I﹕ Pomato
[Career Planning Q&A] Part II﹕ WeCan Scholars
[What is Professionalism in the Workplace?] Sharing by Jackie and Alice from KPMG
[Equip Yourself for the Future] Sharing by Mr K T Fung of Stephenson Harwood








Young Innovators Bazaar

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Young Innovators Bazaar 2018
Young Innovators Bazaar 2017
Young Innovators Bazaar 2016
Young Innovators Bazaar 2015


Job Tasting Programme

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Job Tasting Programme 2017


Teachers’ Development Day

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Teachers’ Development Day 2015
Teachers’ Development Day 2014


English WeCan

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English WeCan