Due to the impact of the COVID-19, schools were suspended, and the two Career Exploration Day events scheduled in February and March 2020 were cancelled for the safety of students and participants.  To enable students explore their career interest and learn more about different industries, Project WeCan developed a Career Exploration Online Platform for all senior secondary school students of our participating schools, to help them with their career and life goal planning.

In between April and May, students could view via the online platform a variety of career-related videos, which included Star Talks by industry leaders or veterans, as well as industry sharing on aviation, construction, disciplined services, accounting, information technology, sports, etc.  Thanks to the support from our WeCan partners and supporting organisations, these online resources are made available for our WeCan students to enjoy.

To make this month long career exploration journey more interesting, there were  live chat sessions with special guest speakers from different backgrounds and industries weekly starting from 2 April 2020.  Students were encouraged to join in the live chats and seize this valuable opportunity to ask speakers’ questions on their experiences or anything related to career and life goal planning.

Timetable of the Live Chat Session:

2 April (Thurs), 4:30pm

[Chit-chat with World No. 1] Ms Vivian Kong, Current World No. 1 Women’s Epee Fencer

8 April (Wed), 4:30pm

[Chit-chat with Online Media] Mr Jonathan Cheung, Anchor of Whizoo

15 April (Wed), 4:30pm

[Interview Tips] Ms Winni Tse, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Coach Hong Kong

17 April (Fri), 4:30pm

[Career Planning Q&A] Part I﹕ Pomato Part II﹕ WeCan Scholars

23 April (Thurs), 4:30pm

Part I﹕ [CV & Cover Letter Writing Tips] Ms Vicki Leung and Ms Rachel Cheung, Talent Acquisition Managers, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited Part II﹕ Sharing by Students Participated in Project WeCan Job Tasting Programme

7 May (Thurs), 4:30pm

[What is Professionalism in the Workplace?] Sharing by Jackie and Alice from KPMG

19 May (Thurs), 4:30pm

[Equip Yourself for the Future]  Sharing by Mr K T Fung of Stephenson Harwood